The Many Forms of Cannabis

Gone are the day’s of just Marijuana, now welcome the many forms of Cannabis. The flood gates are open and it’s hard to not be exposed to the many forms of cannabis in today’s culture. It wasn’t long ago that cannabis had a significant taboo associated with it and because of widespread use of CBD and the legalization of Marijuana cannabis is now everywhere. So who’s using it? Today we’ll be discussing who’s celebrating, who’s fearful and even those on the fence. With movement this big and permeating into the culture so fast there’s plenty of drama.

Who’s using Medical Marijuana, Recreational THC, Hemp CBD? The many forms of Cannabis can be confusing.

Why is this something to talk about? Well, there are so many questions, but not a lot of answers are available. With the stigma and taboos of Marijuana becoming a thing of the past, people are turning toward Cannabis to help them. Pharmaceuticals with tons of side effects are not appealing to today’s population, and no wonder. We try to give an overview and explain who’s using what and why!

About the Author
Ed Chaney is an experienced entrepreneur with over a dozen successful startups under his command. He has a passion for leadership and the ability to educate teams and audiences - qualities he acquired over the past 30 years. His affinity for positive company culture, team building, and leadership play a key role in his successful business-building endeavors. Mr. Chaney studied Business at Arizona State University, Executive Leadership at MIT, and spent over twenty years as an active member of Arizona’s elite Entrepreneur Organization (EO). As the host of the VoiceAmerica Podcast The CBD ED Show, Ed provides unbiased information so you can make informed decisions in the growing CBD market. With his regular co-host Kimberly Rose, Ed is joined by special guests and shares real-talk about CBD and the potential of this product.

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